What is it? How was it formed? What's the point of the comic?


Hello! I'm N/\ME. What's that? You don't recognize me? Well, I am also an animator at YouTube. Not an animator, exactly - more like a goof-off animator. So if you go over my channel, expect random videos that will pop up.

I make comics in my pastime. Well, a lot of them. But this comic series is entirely new and original. As you see, yes, I make comics,  but most of there were just simply knock-offs or my own versions of other people's comics (TheOdd1sOut, Peanuts, Cyanide and Happiness), some were also goof-offs and the rest were simply trashed either because I got tired of it or because I simply hated the look of it.

I started making these comics when I bought a book from a nearby store. I was supposed to be making a full-length story, just in time because it's summertime and I need to find a new thing to do other than animate. But my mind went blank, and began turning the book into some sort of "guide" along with some additional doodles in it.

What's in my head, perhaps?

I saw those doodles and thought of their potential to be more than what they are, so I made the first, actual comic on paper. Then I realized I need a name for this comic, so I thought randomly and picked the title "Suicidal Penguin." Of course, it's a good thing I did. I searched for "Suicidal Penguin" on Google, and I realized I'm clear. (Oh, and a more realistic quote, penguins can actually be suicidal. That shocked me.) Except for one thing: A guy named Scott van Slyck has another comic called Bob: The Suicidal Penguin. But it was different - it's literally about a suicidal penguin named Bob who wants to die but it backfires. Well, that's coincidential.

I make my comics in an old version of Adobe Animate called Adobe Flash Pro CS5.5 (one of my subscribers on YouTube says it's "malware" and he acts all devilish and skeptical about it) since it has those brushes I'm comfy with. Plus, I've already knew and navigated around Flash, so I'm good to go. I draw everything with the line tool, and other things with the brush tool. I also made myself a custom font, also made in Flash and built this cool font-making thing called Calligraphr. So there you see this font in my comics.