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The comic of random events. 


To be fair, it's not literally about self-deprecating flightless Antarctic black-and-white birds. Sorry, but by that I think you're looking for Bob: The Suicidal Penguin by Scott van Slyck, which is a political cartoon. (View the About section for more details)

Suicidal Penguin is probably your regular everyday webcomic. No big deal, right? But if you read this comic, expect extreme randomness (and maybe even some "unfunny" jokes). Suicidal Penguin is made by the wonderful YouTube animator NΛME.

No new comic? Come back tomorrow! Everyday, there's 2-3 comics that's uploaded on the site. But if you think you're missing out, there's always that First Comic button. (Well, that is, if you have enough time to read 'em all. :3)

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May 2018 - #0010 "Underground Transportation"

Underground Transportation